Haven’t updated this here blog for a bit, but might as well point to a place I do update a bit more frequently: http://soundcloud.com/chrisjhampton and http://soundcloud.com/b-e-e-k.

Also very stoked to direct everybody to IMMEDIATELY go over and play my friend Jim’s (aka Twinbeard studios) awesome game, Frog Fractions


from Ubiktune:

Classic tracker composer Chris J. Hampton aka beek has been making music since the mid 90s, and though it appears that he is a new name for Ubiktune, he nevertheless already appeared twice on our releases: the first time as alto-sax player for Around Past by C-jeff & Megus, and also on Wintertunes as ast0r.

Today, we’re glad to announce that his new album titled 7bit date: robot love is going to be released right on Valentine’s Day! This is what Chris told us about it:

7bit date: robot love is a collection of chips I began tracking in 2008, with one song reaching as far back as 1998. In 2008, having recently graduated from university, I reexamined my chiptune past and decided to get back in the game. Life carried on, and years later, I remembered my original goal of a new chipdisk release.. Here we are today, 2012!

For 7bit date, I didn’t limit myself to traditional chip sounds. I make use of Amiga ST-XX samples in a few tracks — a process which rekindled some of my imagination, as I remembered this or that MOD from back in the day with each Amiga sample I came across. Another characteristic of my chips is to use no external/post-processing effects, just some occasional Schism filters, so the original .IT files will reproduce pretty close to the MP3.

All in all, folks can look forward to a varied collection of chippy goodness: funky, poppy, videogamey, with a splash of reggae and hiphop in a couple tracks”.

The album art was made by Jordizzle, who also featured as an artist for TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. Finally, the teaser is available below:

it’s 2012!

3 Feb

hey! one post a year ought to cut it, right?@# jeez. anyways. i’m alive and well in southern california. some updates:

  • scored burning man tickets via the ticket lotto (thanks josh&erin!) though half of my friends DIDN’T
  • excited to be gigging middle eastern musics with friends (couple of events coming up in the LA area in March & April)
  • trying to get in touch with musicians in San Diego interested in playing musics of the orient
  • CHIP DISK coming out on Valentine’s day I’m excited about! It’s called “7bit date: robot love” … 12 tunes of raw oldschool sounding goodness. All tracked with Schism tracker. Some of the pieces are also using ST-XX Amiga samples from back inna day. Stay tuned for the release on Ubiktune

It’s 2011!

1 Dec

Well, I used traveling as an excuse for not updating this blog … but the jig is up, and I’m back. Actually, I’ve been back 4 months. A third of a year.

Anyway. Travel was awesome. I don’t know where to begin. So I guess I wont. Hah. I do have some music endeavors on the horizon. I hope to finish up the chip disk I abandoned when I left to travel in July 2010. I’m relocating to San Diego. I aim to form a balkan/latino/gypsy/electronic fusion type band/project in the spring of ’12. Here’s hoping!

Anyhow. Will keep you posted at least once a year (which is the main reason I’m writing this. So at least there is one entry for 2011 :)


on the road!

9 Jul

What’s up yall. I’m on the road! This brief post is to inform you that I’ve set up a travelling blog for Laurel and I to share our experiences, pictures, and more, from our travels.  I don’t think I’ll be updating anything here unless I manage to squeeze out some musical productions or something like that.. Most likely everything else will be:


chris at JFK airport

not the best bag for my little accordion, but i'm still smiling ;)

fire in the sky

13 May

Last night I was upstairs at Rancho and I looked out one of the windows in a south westerly direction and saw what looked sort of like a plane, sort of like a big ass bright star, and sort of like a firey meteor.. I first assumed it was moving and then realized it wasn’t, and about the time I realized that it slowly vanished out of thin air. Perhaps a motionless, stationary flare which burned out?

And in other news, I found out I’m going to be in Helsinki, Finland JUST IN TIME for ASSEMBLY 2010! SUOMISKENE!!

assembly 2010 image

assembly 2010!

edit: I’ve heard it’s a huge gamer party! I’ll pretend like I didn’t hear that and go about my time there to fulfill my teenage fantasy of geeking out at this awesome massive party hah 😀

2007 digest

11 May

Alright well here we go. This is the second in my “note2self” digest series. These are from 2007, when things were building momentum. It wouldn’t be until I spent excess time in front of an office computer with internet that I would be able to really get into the swing of e-mailing myself random thoughts as they passed in and out of my cerebral porthole throughout the workday. Enjoy?

Subject: setlist
Sent: November 17, 2007
1) van hunt – if i take you home
2) porno for pyros – pets

Notes: ?? Set list for what set? I have no idea on this one guys. But these two songs are pretty good :)

Subject: wii remote control
Sent: October 8, 2007
Message excerpt:

“WII to MIDI WALKTHRU for Windows

This is a tutorial on how to mix video using a Nintendo Wii controller and VJ Software such as Resolume or Isadora for your PC. I used a Dell Inspiron 8100 with a gig of ram running WinBlows XP, some kinda ATI video card that has disappointed me in the past, and a 2.4 MHZ processor. Running Vista? Haven’t tried it yet. If you have Vista and this walkthrough works for you, let me know.”

Notes: sounds badass? it is. but, I never tried it.

Subject: winter harvest!
Sent: September 21, 2007

radish, champion (25 days)
beets, early wonder (48 days)
cabbage, chinese tah tsai (50 days)
kale, dwarf siberian  (55 days)
sugarsnap peas (65 days)
onions, evergreen hardy (65 days)
broccoli, decicco (65 days)

Notes: we ate well that winter. 😉

Subject: braggsJOB
Sent: September 19, 2007
Message: Hello from Goleta based Bragg Live Foods, Bragg.com is a Pioneer in Health Foods and Health Books worldwide. Our founder was the originator of Health Stores. We are looking for an IT technician and a web page developer. 20 hours a week on average available. Ideal for students with changing schedules.

Notes: NEVER did even apply for this job! I think.. either way, I didn’t get it. coulda been fun? I have a friend who works for Mrs. Bragg and supposedly she’s a bit “out there”? But come on, she’s in charge of all those great Braggs produx like.. man oh man, LIQUID AMINOS!@ nom nom nom.

Sent: September 15, 2007
Message: send em to mom!

Notes: after a good 6 years of obtaining my undergrad B.A. degree, we had a graduation dinner at this funky ass restaurant in San Diego with some family. By funky ass I mean effing bomb!

Subject: ucsb journals
Sent: August 1, 2007

Ucsb enviro ejournals:


Subject: edd
Sent: July 24, 2007
Message excerpt: You have successfully submitted your eApply4UI Application. Please print this page and keep this confirmation number until you receive UI Claim materials by mail. Please allow ten days for your claim to be processed and to receive the UI claim materials. If you have not received any of the UI claim materials after ten days, call EDD at one of the 800 telephone numbers found at www.edd.ca.gov/uirep/uiloc.htm. Keep the confirmation number as your proof of submission.

Notes: never got unemployment. I think I just somehow managed to survive without a job (THANKS LAUREL!) for a couple months before applying to a temp agency and then working at SBCC Bookstore for a quick minute, followed by this 2 year temp job here at SBCEO. wee. For info on how pleasant it is to deal with the EDD on this subject, talk to Lau. She’s an (r)avid fan.

Poblano Relish recipe

12 Mar
charred poblanos! yum!

charred poblanos! yum!

I love it when food from other cultures gets re-named and fit into American terms, like a Spanish torta being called a “Spanish potato omelette” or in Brazil, trying to find a Mexican tortilla in a store by asking for pão Mexicano … So I decided to do it myself and rename rajas “Poblano Relish” hahaha! high five. I made this for a coworker’s last day at work and everyone loved it so here’s the recipe. It’s Poblano chiles skinned, sliced, spiced and cooked with onion & garlic. It’s good plain on a tortilla or stirred in with some eggs, on top of a tostada or really anything.

Chris’s Poblano Relish


9 large Poblano chiles (sometimes mislabeled as “Pasilla”): Poblanos  are dark green and about 6 inches long, and wide

1 medium yellow onion, sliced

fresh garlic cloves, minced

agave nectar (1 tsp, or to taste)

ground corriander (1/2 tsp? or to taste)

ground cumin (couple pinches)

ground black pepper (to taste)

salt (to taste)


wash, halve, seed & vein Poblanos. place in broiler for ~5-10 minutes until skin pops up, remove & place in sealed container for 5-10 minutes. remove & discard skin. slice into strips.


I sauteed them with the garlic in ~2 TBSP vegetable shortening (palm oil). I showed no mercy, taking them almost to the point of caramelization. I added 1/2 of the ground spices near the end of this process…


sautee with onion/garlic for 5 minutes. may need to add more oil at this point


add rest of ground spices and agave nectar, cook for another couple minutes and voilà

P.S., this was a seriously improvised dish so I’m not sure about all the measurements/cook times. I overcooked the Pasillas a bit to take some of their spicy heat; you may like them hotter (less cooked). Agave was also added for the purpose of reducing heat. Provecho!

Well, it seems the UCSB Middle East Ensemble has been invited to play en Egypt by the Egyptian ambassador! The ensemble played for him a couple years ago during a visit to UCSB, and apparently he was so thoroughly impressed that he officially invited us to play over there! CAIRO OPERA HOUSE!

The Cairo Opera House

The Cairo Opera House

Needless to say, I am totally beyond stoked at this opportunity. Apparently, we’re being lined up for 4 (four!) shows at this awesome venue. Two nights will be one set, and the remaining two will consist of a separate set of music. We’ve been practicing and busting the Egyptian classics for over a year now, including 20+ minute long pieces sung by Umm Kulthum, like Inta Umri. More info to come as I hear it. The trip is not 100% yet (I’d put us at about 90%), but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna go down.

And since I’m out there, I’m going to use Egypt as the launch point for a (hopefully) six months long backpacking adventure through as much of Europe as I can. Main points of interest being: everywhere. Hehe :) Well, Turkey for sure, Scandinavia, Central Europe, South & Mediterranean Europe, even North Africa if I can squeeze it in. I plan on WOOFing a lot to stretch out the stay as much as possible, as well as a good deal of couch surfing to keep down costs while keeping it real. I actually hosted ~60 couchsurfers this summer, the vast majority from Europe. With any luck, some of them will be willing to return the favor and host me and Laurel for a night, or two, or a week, haha. Damn I’m stoked.

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